Lemon & Lime 250ml
Lemon & Lime 250ml
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£1.49 *

Zero sugar, zero calories, no sweeteners

Sugar-free and all natural pick me up.
One can = one cup of coffee.
Available at selected Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Revital stores and Ocado.

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Virtue Energy Water naturally contains zero sugar, zero calories, with no sweeteners. Each can contains the same amount of natural caffeine as a cup of coffee (80mg). Our energy comes from natural sources including yerba maté, guarana and ginseng.

These drinks do not contain any sweeteners, therefore the taste is subtle & refreshing, only using natural fruit flavours. They work very effectively as a sugar-free and natural pick me up.

For every one of our drinks sold, we donate 500 litres of clean drinking water.

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This offer expired on Thursday 12/04/18 - 11:59PM.

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* : The "Try Virtue Energy Water Lemon & Lime" offer is valid for the purchase of one can of Virtue Energy Water Lemon & Lime 250ml.

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This offer is brought to you by: Virtue Water
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Monika almost 3 years ago

I didint like the flavour and no effect felt

Abigail about 3 years ago

Does the job without the crash of unhealthily energy drinks

Sj about 3 years ago

Really impressed by these. i don't buy energy drinks and honestly if i'd seen this in the shop i would have walked on by assuming it was all the same - full of sugars, caffeine, aspartame or other chemical ingredients. only by picking it up did i see it was natural and happy to see i recognise the ingredients and it's sweetened by stevia. tastes good and a much more natural pick me up before the gym. i think they need to communicate the naturalness better as i said. i like the product but that was only because i tried it and studied it. just seeing it in the shop doesn't do it justice or inspire newbies to buy

Mark about 3 years ago

Bought for the other half, she said it was very refreshing!

Tina about 3 years ago

Very easy to use and reclaim money on the product.

Lizzie about 3 years ago

Seriously tasty. a nice lemon flavour.

Gokulan about 3 years ago

Tasty energy drink. was feeling more energetic

Dolina about 3 years ago

Absolutely fantastic. really delicious and refreshing and a lot healthier than other energy drinks available.

Mark about 3 years ago

So much better than regular energy drink

Angelika about 3 years ago

It works - the flavor is ok, as it is said to be more natural and i reckon it may be the main reason

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