Vita Coco Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk 750ml
Coconut Milk 750ml
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A Delicious Alternative To Dairy

Simple and plant-based. Our coconut milk has 40% more coconut content than other leading brands and naturally occurring electrolytes in every sip.
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Other non-dairy milks tend to be a whole lot of water. Our delicious coconut milk is made with a simple blend of coconut water and coconut cream, giving it a rich, smooth texture.

With a creamy taste and 50% more calcium than dairy milk, it's the perfect swap for coffee, cereal, smoothies, or dunking cookies.

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Katie about 4 hours ago


Good but takes some getting used to

Zoë about 4 hours ago


We use the coconut water regularly in our smoothies so when i saw they had vita coco coconut milk i had to try it. my girls all suffer with acne and find eliminating dairy really helps so this is a great alternative. they enjoyed it on their cereal and teas and coffees so i will definitely be buying this again.

Matthew about 13 hours ago


I decent milk alternative. my issue is it is quite tasteless which is think is good for some, however i think you should make a more sweeter coconutty tasting version. this could be called neutral flavour the other creamy sweet. i use vita coco coconut oil and eat it...yet that taste and smell is missing from this drink. adding those to this drink could be an improvement.

Abigail about 15 hours ago


Great tasting but the bottle is small and so it's not worth the money in terms of anything dairy free. i will stick to chewp brand soya milk.. unsure of price comparison to other coconut milks though.

Zoe 1 day ago


Was really surprised how much i enjoyed this product- was great over cereal and a healthy choice to make. a pleasant taste and consistency- would definitely keep buying.

Leigh 2 days ago


Lovely! my daughter loves coconut milk and she really liked this one. would buy again. i'd like to try it in coffee next time.

Hanna 2 days ago


Smooth and neutral in flavour, no artificial coconut flavouring makes it good substitute for dairy and other non-dairy in baking and cooking. great on cereal and in coffee.

Fiona 2 days ago


This is so nice. it’s not too sweet and has hardly any sugar in (all natural)

Jessica 3 days ago


Enjoyed it, works well with smoothies!

Ellie 3 days ago


My toddler loved it! i was happy for him to have it as unlike other dairy alternatives it hasn't got added salt. i used it in place of dairy milk for baking and was happy with the flavour.

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