Vita Coco Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk 750ml
Coconut Milk 750ml
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A Delicious Alternative To Dairy

Simple and plant-based. Our coconut milk has 40% more coconut content than other leading brands and naturally occurring electrolytes in every sip.
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Other non-dairy milks tend to be a whole lot of water. Our delicious coconut milk is made with a simple blend of coconut water and coconut cream, giving it a rich, smooth texture.

With a creamy taste and 50% more calcium than dairy milk*, it's the perfect swap for coffee, cereal, smoothies, or dunking cookies.

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Jessica over 1 year ago

Very creamy and rich tasting coconut milk. unfortunately coconut milk is my least favourite of the milk alternatives so i won’t be buying again..unless somehow they bring out a almond or hazelnut version but i doubt it considering the brand

Maya over 1 year ago

Lovely product however a bit expensive if i was going to buy it at full price.

Stuart over 1 year ago

Surprised me as to how nice this 'faddy' product was. we nice on breakfast cereal. however, i wouldn't actually buy it myself because it's so expensive and i'm not dairy free. nice freebie though, thanks.

Lyvie over 1 year ago

Why is it in the fridge section ?

Andra over 1 year ago

Loved this so much! it's the first coconut milk i've tried without artificial coconut flavourings and sweetners. it has such a delicate taste and flavour, and it's so refreshing. will definitely buy again.

Susan over 1 year ago

Used for sauces and to add creaminess to a curry. very versatile.

Mike over 1 year ago

Good stuff, best coconut milk i've tried. but it's significantly more expensive per 100ml than other brands, especially being only a 750ml bottle. good stuff, but at their current price point, there's plenty more to choose from.

Jane over 1 year ago

Great when used to make porridge, and for smoothies.

Saada over 1 year ago

My cereal tasted better with thids and as am not a milk fan was pleasantly surprised

Larissa over 1 year ago

I didn't actually taste any coconut,compared to the other major brand out there, which is neither a good or bad thing. i just thought id be able to taste it, but it was light and refreshing with coffee, so thank you for letting me try it!

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