The Curators

Pork Puffs Salt & Vinegar 25g

Pork Puffs Spicy BBQ 25g

The Curators

Pork Puffs Salt & Vinegar 25g
Pork Puffs Spicy BBQ 25g
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High Protein. Low Carb. Punchy Flavour.

Made from the finest pork rinds, hot flashed for a light but crunchy texture, then finished with delicious seasonings for a savoury taste sensation.
Find on shelf strips in Sainsbury's.

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The Curators are a collective of flavour fanatics, led by food-loving friends Max and Ed, dedicated to bringing foodie flair to serious snacks. We take our taste inspiration from around the globe to give all our premium British-made snacks a truly mouth-watering twist. Have you tried our award winning jerky? Uniquely juicy and hand-finished with delicious rubs for a double depth of flavour.

Pork Puffs Salt and Vinegar are available in Sainsbury's Locals. Pork Puffs Spicy BBQ are available in Sainsbury's Superstores

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Emma over 3 years ago

Really satisfying but the flavour was a bit boring

Natalie over 3 years ago

As someone used to quite hard/unpuffed pork crackling, this took a bit of getting used to it was a satisfactory evening snack 🙂

Emma over 3 years ago

I am very nice but i'm slightly expensive for the size and the amount in the pack for me to have a pack every night as a treat it's going to cost me £7 which is slightly expensive for 7 packets of crisps like products.

Martin over 3 years ago

Nice that they had a soft cruch rather than the tooth smashing crunch some of the more traditional prok scratchings have. flavour was alright

Gem over 3 years ago

Much lighter than pork scratching with none of the nasty bits you sometimes get in them!

Tudor about 3 years ago

I tried the bbq version, i think it had too much flavour that covered the pork puff taste.

Vicky over 3 years ago

Yum yum. loved every morsel. wasn’t sure at first given a different flavour to what i’m used to but it was great.

Lindsey over 3 years ago

Yummy porkiness! a light but filling and tasty snack

Maggi over 3 years ago

Light and crispy snack, delicious!

Laura over 3 years ago

Not as hard as pork scratching more like a cross between scratching and a crisp. (quaver/wotsit/prawn cracker) different but nice.

The Curators