TENZING Natural Energy

TENZING Natural Energy 250ml
TENZING Natural Energy 250ml
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Natural Energy. Purely From Plants.

A sparkling, energising drink with a triple hit of hydrating electrolytes, anti-oxidising vitamin C & natural caffeine. 48 calories per can.
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Our drink is inspired by Sherpa Tenzing - one of the first two men to summit Mt. Everest - and the energising brews Himalayan Sherpas use on their high altitude expeditions.

We blend every can of TENZING with these seven ingredients: Green Coffee, Guarana, Green Tea, Himalayan Rock Salt, Lemon Juice, Indian Gooseberry and Beet Sugar.

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Shahista about 2 hours ago


Great ingredients it’s a vegan energy drink. tastes like a energy drink not the same as red bull or monster. it’s fizzy. it’s plant based. the price is ok i got £1 off so paid 30p to try it. if i could change anything i would add something to make it a sweet flavour energy drink :)

Jacob 1 day ago


High quality but a little tasteless

Darren 1 day ago


As a random drinker of energy drinks i was pleasantly surprised that this was as sweet as some drinks

Lee 1 day ago


I was not expecting this to have such an unusual taste. thougt it would be like a natural water with a hint of flavor. but it had a really interesting zing. only thing is not a big enough can. gone in 2 gulps. definitely recommended if you make a bigger tin.

Tom 3 days ago


Pleasant, refreshing taste, not too sugary and an attractive can.

Paula 4 days ago


Great natural energy release for tired days

Jemma 5 days ago


Great natural ingredients and thirst quenching

Pinho 5 days ago


All natural, great taste and an amazing pick me up!

Harriet 6 days ago


Really tasty. i don't normally like energy drinks so i was very impressed

Tracey 7 days ago


That’s like fizzy water with a slight peach aftertaste. nice

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