Strawberry Shortbread Cheesecakes

Strawberry Shortbread Cheesecakes 2x79g
Strawberry Shortbread Cheesecakes 2x79g
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Happiness in your soul, fireworks in your belly

Wander through raspberry and strawberry fields with flowering hibiscus, before journeying into vanilla infused cheesecake and crumbly shortbread base.
Available at Morrisons ONLY.

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Ever since we first sneaked Gü onto the shelves of a local supermarket, we’ve been pouring our hearts into making these victories more widespread; from a little-known secret to a global taste phenomenon on the tongues of millions.

To us, it’s a labour of love. A journey of joy. Every atom of cheesecake, mousse, molten middle, and soufflé is a little victory for us. Delicious, explosive victory.

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This offer expired on Saturday 11/11/17 - 11:59PM.

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This offer is brought to you by: Gu
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Sofia over 3 years ago

Very good for a special treat.

Jenny over 3 years ago

Delicious! will definitely try the others and keep and eye on the promotions.

Lw over 3 years ago

Thought this was really sweet but my daughter enjoyed it.

Sarahjane over 3 years ago

Geogous cheese cakes and very sweet, lovely taste superb all round and re use glass jars too.

Becca over 3 years ago

Quite refreshing and clean tasting in comparison to the rich chocolate versions.

Lisa over 3 years ago

Could do with a little plastic spoon if brought for a picnic

Lisa over 3 years ago

I loved the chocolate one better but this still tasted great!!

Nicola over 3 years ago

My kids ate this and enjoyed but i find at full price that they are expensive

Ivana over 3 years ago

I gwnerally love gu products.only this particular flavour wasn't that great.the strawberry layer wasn't a good quality.

Rachel over 3 years ago

Best fruit cheese cake i've ever tried

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