St Helen's Farm Goats' Milk

Semi-Skimmed Milk 1L
Semi-Skimmed Milk 1L
Skimmed Milk 1L
Skimmed Milk 1L
Whole Milk 1L
Whole Milk 1L
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Goats' Milk - Gentle by Nature

Enjoy the silky smooth taste of gentle goats' milk. It's naturally easier to digest because it can be broken down more easily.
Available at selected Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores.

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Goats' milk is naturally easier to digest because the fats are much smaller and the different proteins allow it to form a softer curd during digestion. Goats' milk also contains at least 4x more prebiotics than cows' milk, which encourage the growth of good gut bacteria and thereby help to maintain the health of the gut microbiome.

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- St Helen's Farm Fresh Semi-Skimmed Goat's Milk 1L (£1.75)
- St Helen's Farm Fresh Skimmed Goat's Milk 1L (£1.75)
- St Helen's Farm Fresh Whole Goat's Milk 1L (£1.75)

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Peter 8 days ago


Nice goats milk - if you like the goaty taste

Fennie 9 days ago


Never tried this before and was pleasantly surprised! it was super tasty :)

Justin 16 days ago


Was smooth with cereal. also tried with my smoothie and couldn’t tell the taste difference

Roberta 16 days ago


Gr8 tasting milk, but i just don't like it in my tea, as with all non-cow alternatives.

Kathryn 19 days ago


Could not tell much difference between this & cows milk. not as creamy as my normal oat milk. would buy again

Matt 19 days ago


Creamy and no taste difference to cows milk

Jeffrey 23 days ago


Stay really long fresh and it has a cow milk taste

Lisa 23 days ago


Excellent for those who require or choose a different alternative millk producr. st helens goat milk is a must

Victoria 24 days ago


Great tasting, much better than i thought

Marie 26 days ago


Delish taste and a bargain price compred to normal.

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