Single Origin Colombia 57g
Single Origin Colombia 57g
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Espresso Single Origin Colombia

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Katarzyna about 1 month ago

I dont know yet as i didnt try. i bought first time.

Kelly 25 days ago

I have tried a lot of different pods for my nespresso machine but i can always guarantee that the ones from starbucks will be nice.

Rich 19 days ago

The starbucks pod is great it has a fruity flavour and is not as strong as other coffees, plus point it comes in aluminium pod which is great for recycling.

Patricia 16 days ago

Great flavour coffee i would buy again

Clare 15 days ago

Tastes just as good as getting it from a starbucks store

Amy 13 days ago

Not too bad, usually a little expensive.

Emma 10 days ago

The starbucks pods are really good, would recommend

Colette 9 days ago

Very tasty, just not strong enough for me. it's a great afternoon coffee especially with warm milk

Stephanie 9 days ago

Whilst shops were shut during covid-19 i missed having a coffee out with my dad, now after lockdown but whilst we are still nervous about going out all the time we can replicate the experience at home. lovely!

Pip 1 day ago

Delicious coffee will definitely purchase again

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