Shredded Wheat Original Bitesize

Shredded Wheat Bitesize 370g- 720g

Shredded Wheat Honey & Nut 500g

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Shredded Wheat Original Bitesize

Shredded Wheat Bitesize 370g- 720g
Shredded Wheat Honey & Nut 500g
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- Nestlé Cereals Shredded Wheat Bitesize 625g (£3.50)
- Nestlé Cereals Shredded Wheat Bitesize 720g (£3.50)
- Nestlé Cereals Shredded Wheat Honey & Nut 500g (£3.10)

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Your Bowl Your Way

Shredded Wheat Bitesize biscuits made with just one natural ingredient - crisp, delicious whole grain wheat, sown and grown on farms around Britain.

Enjoy our breakfast classic your way every day; whether just with milk or with added seasonal fruits, seeds or nuts. Discover our delicious, inspirational seasonal topping for your cereal.

High in fibre, low in fat, sugar and salt. Suitable for Vegans.

These delightful biscuits are part of our whole-grain-loving family of Shredded Wheat cereals.

Honey & Nut Shredded Wheat biscuits are made from toasted whole grain wheat with a delicious topping of golden honey and crunchy nuts. Just like any other cereal in the Shredded Wheat family, these bitesize delights are high in fibre, low in saturated fat and salt.

Suitable for vegetarians
Suitable for vegans.

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James 7 months ago

I've enjoyed shredded wheat for years and the bite-sized option is simply easier to eat. i like mine with chopped grapes and ice-cold milk.

Ester 7 months ago

Reasonable price and the taste is not bad. doesn't go soggy too fast

Lulu 7 months ago

A healthy cereal that is often recommended by nutritionists. i like it as it’s very low in sugar.

Monika 7 months ago

Healthy classic cereal choice my roommate adores

Ilona 7 months ago

I enjoyed. it's healthy way breakfast especially with fruits or nuta and dairyfree milk

Catherine 7 months ago

Quite tasty considering it has minimal ingredients and no added sugar. i would have liked it to have iron added though.

Hilary 7 months ago

Shredded wheat always a favourite and particularly like the mini ones

Katie 7 months ago

Tasty and healthy, that doesn’t happen often.

Paul 7 months ago

Really great healthy option for breakfast.

Sam 7 months ago

The honey nut ones are the best! i appreciate that they are lower in sugar than some alternatives, and like them as a snack or for breakfast