Primula Cheese Tubes

Original Cheese 150g
Original Cheese 150g
Cheese with Ham 150g
Cheese with Ham 150g
Cheese with Chives 150g
Cheese with Chives 150g
Cheese with Prawns 150g
Cheese with Prawns 150g
Light Cheese 150g
Light Cheese 150g
Cheese with Smoked Salmon 150g
Cheese with Smoked Salmon 150g
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50% *
£1.45 *

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The original creamy cheese with a tasty kick, making it easy to enjoy those delicious everyday cheesy moments.

Primula cheese is made with real ingredients, such as chopped chives, real ham and proper prawns. Our range is gluten free, is naturally high in protein and calcium, and is suitable for mums to be.

Did you know? Our profits go to charity! We're owned by the Kavli Trust and their mission is to help good causes here in the UK and across the globe. So, every time you pick up a tube of Primula, you're helping a good cause too.

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This offer expired on Wednesday 10/01/18 - 11:59PM.

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* : "Up to 50% OFF Primula Cheese tubes":
• 30% off your purchase of 1 pack
• 40% off your purchase of 2 packs
• 50% off your purchase of 3 packs

All the products must be on the same receipt.

Please make sure you scan ALL the purchased products: only the scanned products will be refunded, irrespective of the number of products on the receipt.

Offer valid only if 1 to 3 packs are bought at the same time. Products eligible for this offer are:
- Primula Original Cheese 150g
- Primula Cheese with Ham 150g
- Primula Cheese with Chives 150g
- Primula Cheese with Prawns 150g
- Primula Light Cheese 150g
- Primula Cheese with Smoked Salmon 150g

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This offer is brought to you by: Primula
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Jennifer over 3 years ago

I’m not a fan of processed cheese spreads but primula i’m cooking is to die for. low in calories and tastes rather indulgent

Helene over 3 years ago

Love primula. good childhood memories

Laura over 3 years ago

Love these tubes. they are easy enough for my 3 year old to squeeze himself

Paulina over 3 years ago

I love it my kids liked it to its food addition for lunch pack

Ewa over 3 years ago

Really good product great with pasta

Jemma over 3 years ago

Nice product and was eaten by the family

Aileen over 3 years ago

We all loved these cheeses. the flavours were subtle and they mixed easily with hot pasta. my children loved the taste.

Beate over 3 years ago

Easy and quick to add to a cracker and tastes good, only problem is the waste from when the tube starts to get low on content as its hard to get the last 1/4 out.

Alina over 3 years ago

Goes really well stirred in pasta or use as a dip with italian breadsticks or chopped carrot

Clare over 3 years ago

I would always buy the light version of these type of products but difficult to find as most shops only stock the full fat version. i like this product but want low fat products to be available more.

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