Percol Iced Coffee

Flat White 4x235ml
Flat White 4x235ml
Protein Latte 4x225ml
Protein Latte 4x225ml
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£4.99-£5.50 *

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100% Fairtrade, 100% Organic, 100% Arabica.
Protein Latte available at Waitrose stores.
Flat White available at Sainsbury's and Waitrose stores.

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We've been making great tasting, ethical coffee for over 30 years. Our ground range was the first to bear the Fairtrade mark, and now we're proud to launch the UK's first Fairtrade and Organic Iced Coffee in the UK. But we're not stopping there. Our latest mission is to be virgin plastic free by 2022 and to make sure all our coffee is 100% certified by 2020, meaning your coffee's not only good for your taste buds, but good for the planet too.

But that’s enough about us... Time to introduce our brand new Iced Flat White, containing the highest caffeine content in the UK, with 44% in each recyclable can. It was also voted the best tasting cold coffee drink in the Sunday Telegraph. And not forgetting our brand new Protein Latte, with 18g of protein in each can, counting towards the recommended daily allowance of 46g.

Both coffees come in our innovative cartocan, which is 100% recyclable and at least 30% more eco-friendly to produce than aluminium cans, making them great to enjoy at home or on the go.

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Laura almost 3 years ago

Lovely iced coffee, seems expensive but you do get four and put against the price of one starbucks it's a good price

Toni about 3 years ago

Love the taste. light refreshing and hirs the spot. creamy flavour and not sweet like some other brands

Emma about 3 years ago

Really nice texture, chilled in the fridge without going soggy. just a bit sweet

Mark about 3 years ago

Tastes fine. wouldn't buy it at full price

Jack about 3 years ago

Very nice, not overly sweet or bitter at all

Carol about 3 years ago

I liked the taste but cans were small and there’s a lot of calories in them

Jeffrey about 3 years ago

Fantastic flavor and coffee also love the package and the high protein

Sarah about 3 years ago

These had an excellent taste to them, and definitely had the best taste than the other cold coffee brands that ive tried. they were a bit hard to find in the store, as well as being uht milk based so these could be found in a unrefridgerated aisle. maybe these could be made more evident on the packaging to help this ? the price was a bit steep, although with this being a multipack i have bought cold coffees at more expense than this. for the volume of the drink £1.25 for 250ml?! i would expect this multipack to be less than £5. the taste was perfect though, very creamy and refreshing.

Mark about 3 years ago

Smooth blend and deep flavour. really enjoyable

Jane about 3 years ago

Rather creamy & delicious! right size portion. a bit expensive, so it would not be my first choice, but would buy it if it was on offer. not keen on the can colour. nice blast of coffee.

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