Mint Choc Swirl with a hint of Spirulina
Mint Choc Swirl with a hint of Spirulina
Salted Caramel with a hint of Lucuma
Salted Caramel with a hint of Lucuma
Madagascan Vanilla with a hint of Baobab
Madagascan Vanilla with a hint of Baobab
50% *
£5.99 *

Oppo ice cream

Salted Caramel with a hint of Lucuma, Madagascan Vanilla with a hint of Baobab, Mint Choc Swirl with a hint of Spirulina. What will you choose? Find your nearest stockist below.

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Why is Oppo healthy?
EU Authorised Health Claim: ‘Consumption of foods/drinks containing erythritol (derived from corn) and steviol glycosides (derived from stevia leaf) instead of sugar induces a lower blood glucose rise after their consumption compared to sugar-containing foods/drinks’.

Indulge in luxury… without looking like you have. Containing just 40 calories a scoop, Oppo is a luxury dairy ice cream made with fresh milk, cold pressed virgin coconut oil and stevia leaf.

Our three flavours combine a traditional ice cream favourite with a super-fruit boost for enhanced taste, mouth-feel and nutrition. Choose from Salted Caramel with a hint of Lucuma, Madagascan Vanilla with a hint of Baobab and Mint Choc Swirl with a hint of Spirulina.

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This offer expired on Tuesday 08/11/16 - 11:59PM.

Offer terms and conditions

* : The "50% Oppo" offer is valid only for the purchase of a tub of Oppo ice cream 500ml:
- Oppo Mint Choc Swirl ice cream with a hint of Spirulina 500ml
- Oppo Salted Caramel ice cream with a hint of Lucuma 500ml
- Oppo Madagascan Vanilla ice cream with a hint of Baobab 500ml

Stocked in Waitrose, Co-op, Budgens, Holland & Barrrett and Whole Foods Market.

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This offer is brought to you by: Oppo
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Danielle almost 5 years ago

It's okay. i mean it's low in calories but i wouldn't buy it again. the flavors isn't as strong as i would like.

Michael almost 5 years ago

Purchased for £2.50 at the co-op. £0.00 after cash back.

Ceri almost 5 years ago

This ice-cream blew me away, it's nothing like the other grainy low calorie ice-creams you get. it's creamy and so flavoursome. i've mentioned it to the members of my slimming world club as it's low in syns but tastes like it should be calorific. bravo to the makers.

Suzanne almost 5 years ago

My favourite flavour!!!! its tasty and low calories only minor issue is its a bit expensive

Dave almost 5 years ago

The salted caramel was amazing!

Caroline almost 5 years ago

Hard to find a stockist near me , but got one tub while visiting someone , i love it but can't find it de7 x

Yvonne almost 5 years ago

Salted caramel very nice but pricey

Liudmila almost 5 years ago

Tastes delicious and has very low calories! loved it, definitely will buy again

Selina almost 5 years ago

Delicious and light on calories so not too much of a 'sin'!

Catherine almost 5 years ago

Tastes nice and has less calories that other ice cream. it is a bit expensive. that is the only thing that would put me off buying it again.

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