New Kenco Duo Coffee

Kenco Duo Cappuccino Instant Coffee 6x24g
Kenco Duo Cappuccino Instant Coffee 6x24g
Kenco Duo Latte Instant Coffee 6x24g
Kenco Duo Latte Instant Coffee 6x24g
Kenco Duo Flat White Instant Coffee 6x24g
Kenco Duo Flat White Instant Coffee 6x24g
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New Kenco Duo Coffee

Available at most major retailers (excluding Waitrose).

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Take time for a coffee-shop inspired Cappuccino, Latte or Flat White. We've measured and layered the 2 quality ingredients, you simply need to bring them together. Pour the rich espresso into the milky froth and see it swirl into your deliciously creamy & velvety coffee. Pour. Swirl. Savour.

Thanks ever so much. Looking forward to receiving the initial results!

A blend of instant and roast and ground coffee with sugar, skimmed milk powder and flavourings.

No machine required

Suitable for Vegetarians

Cofficionados since 1923 A cofficionado* knows exactly what their perfect cup of coffee tastes like and our cofficionados here at Kenco do not settle for anything less than delicious. *cofficionado, noun [kof-fish-uh-nah-doh] 1. A true coffee lover 2. Employee of Kenco the Coffee Company.

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- Kenco Duo Flat White Instant Coffee 6x24g (£3.50)

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Zsuzsa 8 months ago

Really delicious, maybe a bit too sweet, but i really enjoyed to create it, like a hint of magic, i would definitely buy it for special occasions.

Jane 8 months ago

Tried the flat white which was nice. hope to see more kinds at the store.

Tracey 8 months ago

Very nice taste and easy to prepare the flat white version. would buy for a special occasion as too expensive for everyday consumption.

Mr s 8 months ago

Good product and like barista made from a coffee, only negative bit is it’s a bit fiddly to make, but tasty when made

Rachel 8 months ago

Really easy to make. full of flavour and the froth lasts to the very end but. i will definitely be purchasing again without hesitation

Cheryl 8 months ago

Much better quality of packaged cappuccino mix. great for work x

Tanya 8 months ago

Lovely coffee, so handy having the duo already prepared. just add water and go

Vicky 8 months ago

An authentic cappuccino taste without the work. really easy. really good

Mike 8 months ago

These are absolutely great! bangin'taste! easily made and doesn't need milk. recyclable packaging. ace

Rachael 8 months ago

Absolutely love this. easy to prepare and great taste. in fact i’ve already bought more!

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