Nescafé Azera Coffee Bags

Nescafe Azera Americano Coffee Bags 10S 80g
Nescafe Azera Americano Coffee Bags 10S 80g
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100% ground coffee, made simple.

Available at Tesco, ASDA & Co-Op stores.

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Stir things up with new coffee bags from NESCAFÉ AZERA. Each bag is packed with roasted Arabica and Robusta beans for a smooth, fruity coffee.

They're perfect when you're in a rush or just want the taste of cafetière coffee without the fuss.
Brew your perfect cup.
Simply boil the kettle, pop a bag in your mug and leave it to brew for 3 minutes. Or for a cold brew, put a bag in 250ml cold water and leave overnight.
Each box contains 10 bags and you can enjoy an Americano Blend wherever you want it. It's simple.
High quality and sustainability sourced from countries like Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Vietnam and Ethiopia.

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Shelley 2 days ago

I was very surprised how it tasted like fresh filtered coffee

Lisa 2 days ago

I dont like instant coffee and this product is much more convenient than cafetiere especially for mornings. needs to be left for a bit longer than the 3 minutes recommended as not very strong though.

Jenn 2 days ago

Absolutely loved it. felt like a treat xx

Zoe 2 days ago

I love these!!! and i love the fact that if you leave them over night you have cold coffee and that’s my favourite! after once of these i’m set for the day! you can have them strong or weak and they stay fresh in the bags rather than coffee in a jar sometime can loose the freshness! i will be defantly buying these again!

Celine 1 day ago

Easy to use and taste like proper coffee!

Ilmahh 1 day ago

Taste like good coffee flavours great :)

Sue 1 day ago

This is a very convenient way to serve coffee to guests who prefer ground coffee to instant, eg my daughter-in-law always prefers instant but my son likes proper ground coffee. a useful product to keep in the cupboard as it doesn’t get stale like ground coffee if it not used every day. good flavour too i am told by the drinkers.

Sam 1 day ago

A new and interesting idea. slightly expensive

Vaishali about 23 hours ago

Taste exactly like normal coffee, flavour not impaired at all, except that more throwaway bags.. but definitely covvenient to carry.

Samantha jane about 20 hours ago

Loved the smell. first thing on a morning. i’m a nurse and having one of these to pop in my pocket and make a quick brew is amazing.

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