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Natural Energy Drink 250ml

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Natural Energy Drink 250ml
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Offer available at Sainsbury's ONLY

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MANGO GO! Natural Energy Drink is a natural, sparkling mango flavoured fruit juice drink with vitamin C and natural caffeine. The natural caffeine comes from green coffee extract and the Brazilian guarana plant, and is mixed with natural mango flavouring to create a delicious tasting energy drink that leaves you feeling like a ray of sunshine whatever the weather. Each can contains the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee or traditional energy drink (32mg/100ml). It is also 1 of your 5-a-day, a source of vitamin C and contains only 80 calories. Oh, and it’s vegan.

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Ziwen 11 months ago

The taste of the drink is wield and good.

Gabbi 11 months ago

Yummy and giving me a boost of energy for a 24 hour long exam!!

Michelle 11 months ago

First time i had seen this, don’t normally like energy drinks but really enjoyed this one.

Persephone 12 months ago

Very expensive for a small energy drink. the taste was okay. was annoyed by the boasting that it's natural energy as another natural caffeine source is... coffee!?!

Charles 12 months ago

Pretty good - refreshing - pick's you up

Kayleigh 12 months ago

Refreshing taste. would have liked a bigger can

Anne 12 months ago

I am not that keen on energy drinks but this flavour was amazing

Juliet 12 months ago

Nice alternative to your usual energy drinks. will buy again.

Isaac 12 months ago

This tastes great and really does give you a brilliant boost of energy. it's a great pick me up.

Philip 12 months ago

Refreshing with a good flavour and not too sweet. i enjoyed it more than i expected and may buy again at the right price point.