In an Asda or Morrisons? Find with other soft drinks at the back of the store.

Fitwater 600ml
Fitwater 600ml
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Perfect for active replenishment

Lucozade Sport Fitwater is more than just a water.
Specifically designed to help replenish what you lose when you sweat by containing 4 key electrolytes.
Available at most major retailers.

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Lucozade Sport Fitwater is more than just a water, it’s an electrolyte water!

Fitwater was specifically designed to help replenish key electrolytes lost when you sweat.
It contains:
- Magnesium that contributes to a reduction of tiredness & fatigue
- Calcium that contributes to normal muscle function
- Sodium & Chloride to help you replenish what you lose in sweat

Designed to keep you hydrated and replenish what you lose in sweat so that you can train hard and unlock your body’s potential!


In an Asda or Morrisons? Find with other soft drinks at the back of the store.

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Jennifer over 1 year ago

My daughter said it tasted nice.

Barry over 1 year ago

Can’t tell the difference between this and tap water but it was nice

Barry over 1 year ago

It was nice but i couldn't taste the difference from tap water

Ahmed almost 2 years ago

The taste or rather after taste is just not good other wise it was not bad

Marie almost 2 years ago

Love drinking this lucozade fitwater while i'm is very refreshing :)

Georgina almost 2 years ago

Tastes ok - a little salty if dehydrated.

Julie almost 2 years ago

Trust the brand, enjoyed the product.

Charlotte almost 2 years ago

Very refreshing, reasonably priced, would buy again.

Kimberley almost 2 years ago

Taste like water i don’t know what the difference is supposed to be so perhaps a bit of advertisement could be encouraged

Lorna almost 2 years ago

Good to have electrolytes benefit without the sugar

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