Intuition Complete Bikini

Complete Bikini Razor + Trimmer

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Intuition Complete Bikini

Complete Bikini Razor + Trimmer
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A razor & trimmer in 1 for convenience

Available at Asda, Morrisons, Superdrug, Boots & Wilko

A razor & trimmer in 1 for convenience

1. A bikini trimmer on one end and razor on the other
2. Waterproof trimmer with 4 trim lengths
3. 5 blades for a close smooth shave
4. Skin protect gel gives a nourishing, irritation free shave

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- Intuition Complete Bikini Razor and Trimmer (£15.00)

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Prashanthi about 1 month ago

Lovely tool, comes with battery and gives a really smooth shave. don’t have to worry about cutting myself anymore. the trimming part is great too❤️

Jordan 18 days ago

Absolutely brilliant! love it and was looking to buy something similar anyway so when i saw this i thought it would be perfect. 10\10 and wouldn’t definitely buy again.

Hannah 14 days ago

I was looking for something similar at the time. great product!

Ruth 8 days ago

Easy to use and good value with the cashback offer

Clare 6 days ago

Brilliant product. works well and great value for money.