Heath & Heather Organic Teas

Night Time 20g
Morning Time 40g
Green Tea & Turmeric 40g
Green Tea & Coconut 40g
Root Brew 30g
Super Seeds 30g
Slim-Mate 40g
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Quench your thirst with the power of nature - Heath & Heather's 100% natural infusions are made from the finest herbs and botanicals.
Offer available at selected Morrisons and Tesco stores.

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Explore and restore your ‘best self’ with Heath & Heather's range of 100% natural, organic infusions - each made using nature’s finest botanicals, herbs and ancient roots.

Discover new flavours including the brand new Organic Green Tea & Turmeric or, a beautifully soft, sleepy Night Time infusion. Also available; the subtly sweet Organic Green Tea & Coconut, a gently uplifting Organic Morning Time infusion, an invigorating and warming Organic Turmeric Root Brew, the Organic Digestive Super Seeds perfect after dinner, and the Organic Slim Mate rich with botanicals for health and wellness.

Offer terms and conditions

*Offer "Try 1 product for £1.00”: the cashback amounts to the difference between the purchase price and £1.00.

Offer valid from 10/09/2018 to 26/11/2018, at Tesco and Morrisons stores ONLY (including online), and subject to availability.
You can request your cashback until 29/11/2018 at 23:59.

Eligible product(s) and Recommended Retail Price (RRP) are as follows:
- Heath & Heather Organic Night Time 20g (£2.99)
- Heath & Heather Organic Morning Time 40g (£2.99)
- Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea & Turmeric 40g (£2.49)
- Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea & Coconut 40g (£2.49)
- Heath & Heather Organic Root Brew 30g (£2.99)
- Heath & Heather Organic Super Seeds 30g (£2.99)
- Heath & Heather Organic Slim-Mate 40g (£2.99)

The RRP is for information only and is subject to variation across retailers. The maximum refund is calculated by the RRP plus 20% per product.

This offer cannot be used with any other promotional offer or coupon, and is subject to the Terms of Use.


Amy about 3 hours ago


Slightly strange flavour combination but really like it.

Karla 4 days ago


I liked it, seems to help with my sleep... thank you

Rochelle 4 days ago


I purchased the organinc botanical slim mate tea and it tasted absolutely delicious. i woukd without a doubt purchase that flavour again

Rachel 5 days ago


I had t tried this brand before. and tend to have green tea or fruity herbal teas through the day. but i won’t be going back. this is so tasty! and i’m asleep within half an hour of finishing it. i have problems sleeping. but in the week i’ve used it. i’ve had the best sleep i’ve had in over a year. 10/10 would recommend

Zoe 5 days ago


Lovely flavour. gave me energy for the day

Marta 8 days ago


Nice, refreshing taste, i like it

Hannah 8 days ago


I haven’t tasted the tea yet, but the packaging is very enticing

Tonia 9 days ago


Very tasty, wasn't sure what to expect. nice morning lift.

Helen 10 days ago


Really nice to have at end of day to unwind

Gail 10 days ago


Delicious tea, but let's get the inner wrappings recyclable, they don't need the plastic layer.

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