FUEL10K Quark with Fruit pouches

Strawberry & Banana pouch 150g
Strawberry & Banana pouch 150g
Raspberry & Blueberry pouch 150g
Raspberry & Blueberry pouch 150g
Vanilla Bean & Honey pouch 150g
Vanilla Bean & Honey pouch 150g
Mango & Passion Fruit pouch 150g
Mango & Passion Fruit pouch 150g
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£1.49 *

FUEL10K Quark with Fruit pouches

Smooth high protein yoghurt-style breakfast.
4 flavours made with high protein, low fat Quark.
Available at Asda, Sainsbury's, Waitrose.

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We think Quark is the next big thing for breakfast. High in protein and low in fat, we've mixed our quark with fruit for a delicious set of flavours. Packaged for easy on-the-go nutrition, our squeezy pouches serve up a great protein hit whether you're sitting at the table, on your bike or dashing out the door.

FUEL10K - Breakfast Just Got Better.

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This offer expired on Sunday 25/06/17 - 12:00PM.

Offer terms and conditions

* : The "FREE FUEL10K Quark with Fruit pouch" offer is valid only for the purchase of one of the 4 following FUEL10K Quark with Fruit pouches:
- FUEL10K Quark with Strawberry and Banana 150g
- FUEL10K Quark with Raspberry and Blueberry 150g
- FUEL10K Quark with Vanilla Bean and Honey 150g
- FUEL10K Quark with Mango and Passion Fruit 150g

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This offer is brought to you by: FUEL10K
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Hanan almost 3 years ago

Really good and nice as quick breakfast in the morning.

Rebecca almost 3 years ago

Not to bad but may try a different flavour next time

Alison almost 3 years ago

Tasted better than i thought it was. it was really fruity.

Kate almost 3 years ago

Good taste small size very good

Tania almost 3 years ago

Son had this and enjoyed it but too expensive to buy again

Mandie almost 3 years ago

Nice but expensive at full price

Sr almost 3 years ago

Taste smooth and not too sweet, very hunger satisfying

Valentin almost 3 years ago

Very good product to start the day

Claire almost 3 years ago

I wasn't so keen but would be great for people in training

Charlotte almost 3 years ago

The flavour is good but texture is a bit odd after a while

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