Purina® Dentalife® Dog Chews

Small Dog Dental Chew 345g
Small Dog Dental Chew 345g
Medium Dog Dental Chew 345g
Medium Dog Dental Chew 345g
Large Dog Dental Chew 426g
Large Dog Dental Chew 426g

Start their oral care routine today

Purina® Dentalife® is a wholesome dental chew, scientifically proven to help reduce tartar and even clean the hard-to reach teeth that are more vulnerable to tartar build-up.
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Your dog has specific health needs, and maintaining their oral health contributes towards their overall well being. That’s why the experts at Purina developed Purina® Dentalife® dental sticks for dogs.

These innovative dental dog chews have a chewy porous texture, a ridged design and a delicious chicken flavour. It reaches even hard-to-reach areas and when it is used daily, it is scientifically proven to help reduce tartar build-up for healthier teeth and gums.

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Eligible product(s) and Recommended Retail Price (RRP) are as follows:
- Purina® Dentalife® Small Dog Dental Chew 345g (£3.75)
- Purina® Dentalife® Medium Dog Dental Chew 345g (£3.75)
- Purina® Dentalife® Large Dog Dental Chew 345g (£3.75)

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Lauren about 7 hours ago


My dog love these dental chews! i’ve tried many different brands of dental chews, but these do seem to be his favourite.

Mandy 1 day ago


Poppy has one of these a day, so was great to get them half price

Lisa 1 day ago


Our dogs loved them.definately worth buying for an alternative just wandered if they are going to do mint etc infused for doggies with bad breath.

Jo 1 day ago


My dog absolutely loves these and am happy to know that they are helping his teeth at the same time!

Mildred 1 day ago


They dont look the most appetising, but thats not for me to comment on! my pet seems to enjoy them once it acquired a taste for them snd i would buy them again.

Chloe 2 days ago


Must have tasted good it! it didn’t last long

Claire 2 days ago


I have given my dog other dental chews both branded and non branded but he only eats dentalife.happy that i can buy these in a bigger pack

Kasey 2 days ago


Excellent product, and my dog is very happy. great quality, the smell isn’t over powering like some other brands on the market! you can see the difference they make! i found the packaging colours fresh and eye catching!

Zoe 3 days ago


My pooch loves them and they’re great for keeping his teeth clean

Haley 4 days ago


Both of my dogs love these, and they look forward to them every day. i'd happily recommend this product to anyone looking for treats with health benefits for their dog!

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