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popchips popcorn

Popchips Popcorn Salted 67g

Popchips Popcorn Sweet & Salty 75g

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popchips popcorn

Popchips Popcorn Salted 67g
Popchips Popcorn Sweet & Salty 75g
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A whole lotta pop!

Offer available at Waitrose ONLY (in-store & online).

Find me in the Crisps & Snack aisle.

Please Note

Offer available at Waitrose ONLY (in-store & online).

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You might have noticed we're all about the pop. But we figured it was time to embrace our corny side. Grab a bag and get popping with our delicious, light and fluffy popcorn. Because life is what you make of it, so why not make it pop?

Suitable for vegetarians
Suitable for vegans

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Clive 4 months ago

Pleasantly surprised. nice tasting and a great tv snack

Sundar 4 months ago

Great taste popcorn and perfect for home movie time

Alison 4 months ago

Great tasting and plenty to share

Mie 4 months ago

My 14 year old daughter was amazed how yummy it was! asking me to buy it again. yes, i do so.

Bernice 4 months ago

Nice snacks for movie night, not as salty i preferred the toffee one, taste better

Emma 4 months ago

Light and delicious. perfect non greasy snack for my young adult children.

Gillian 4 months ago

Really excellent! great with g & t before dinner and hardly any calories (if you can resist eating more than you should!).

Nicole 4 months ago

Good distribution of sweet and salty, good sized bag for the price.

Christopher 4 months ago

Tasty product and a decent serving size. full price product is perhaps a smidge pricey for popped corn.

Anna 4 months ago

Delicious popcorn, nice and crisp and a perfect mix of sweet and salty. i would definitely buy this product again.

popchips popcorn