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Offer valid at Tesco ONLY (in-store & online)


Comfort Pure Dreams Cotton Fresh

Comfort Pure Dreams Cotton Fresh 30W 900ml

Cashmere Soft Fabric Conditioner 30W 900ml

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Comfort Pure Dreams Cotton Fresh

Comfort Pure Dreams Cotton Fresh 30W 900ml
Cashmere Soft Fabric Conditioner 30W 900ml
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Enjoy soft fragrances for sensitive

Enjoy soft & gentle fragrance next to sensitive skin.

Offer available at Tesco ONLY (in-store & online).

Find me in the laundry aisle.

Please note

Offer valid at Tesco ONLY (in-store & online)

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Eligible product(s) are as follows:
- Comfort Pure Dreams Cotton Fresh 30 washes 900ml (£2.50)
- Comfort Pure Dreams Cashmere Soft 30 washes 900ml (£2.50)

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Add soft fragrance to your sensitive laundry routine with Comfort Pure Dreams Cotton Fresh Sensitive Fabric Conditioner. This fabric softener is gentle next to sensitive skin and helps to smooth the fibres in your clothes, leaving them lovely and soft. Hypoallergenic and Comfort Pure Dreams is Dermatologist Recommended through the Skin Health Alliance.

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Becky 5 days ago

It smells nice. that's about it really. it does what it says on the tin 🤷‍♀️

Mick 5 days ago

Nice smelling product for the promotion price paid for it 👍

Michelle 4 days ago

Smell nice and it’s a great product for sensitive skin.

Chani 4 days ago

Amazing long lasting smell and perfect to use on toddler clothes as it’s sensitive on skin

Georgina 4 days ago

Lovely and my babies clothes came.out soft. smells amazing

Kirsty 3 days ago

Not quite sure i noticed a difference

Iffrah 2 days ago

It's nice smell and gentle on skin and good price.

Carole 1 day ago

It's expensive so i would only buy when on offer. the smell and feel of clothes is lovely

Lorna 1 day ago

I really liked this product and the smell is really nice too and left my clothes smelling lovely

John about 2 hours ago

Gives washing a very fresh smell. clothes felt cleaner and softer

Comfort Pure Dreams Cotton Fresh