CERELAC® infant cereals

Wheat 400g
Rice 400g
Rice & Maize 400g
Banana & Wheat 400g
Mixed Vegetables & Rice 400g
Apple & Wheat 400g
3 Cereals 400g
Mixed Fruits & Wheat 400g
Honey & Wheat 400g
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Natural goodness of cereals

Available at selected Asda and Tesco stores in the 'World Foods' aisle, most corner shops and ethnic stores.
Also available online at Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Ocado and Amazon.

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Baby cereals such as CERELAC® provide an ideal foundation for your little one’s balanced and varied diet. Our recipe has iron in it. Iron contributes to normal cognitive development. We also add calcium and vitamin D, which helps with the normal growth of their bones.

When they’ve been prepared, our baby cereals don’t thicken and keep their consistency.

CERELAC® is Halal and vegetarian, and the rice variants are gluten-free.

Important Notice:
Nestlé CERELAC is a complementary food intended for spoon feeding from 6 months and is NOT to be used as a breast milk substitute. The Department of Health recommends solid foods be introduced at around 6 months of age. Please follow the preparation instructions and be mindful not to overfeed your baby. CERM8-2018-16

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Offer valid from 05/11/2018 to 20/11/2018, and subject to availability (online supermarkets included).
You can request your cashback until 23/11/2018 at 23:59.

Eligible product(s) and Recommended Retail Price (RRP) are as follows:
- CERELAC® Wheat 400g (£3.45)
- CERELAC® Rice 400g (£3.45)
- CERELAC® Rice & Maize 400g (£3.45)
- CERELAC® Banana & Wheat 400g (£3.45)
- CERELAC® Mixed Vegetables & Rice 400g (£3.45)
- CERELAC® Apple & Wheat 400g (£3.45)
- CERELAC® 3Cereals 400g (£3.45)
- CERELAC® Mixed Fruits & Wheat 400g (£3.45)
- CERELAC® Honey & Wheat 400g (£3.45)

The RRP is for information only and is subject to variation across retailers. The maximum refund is calculated by the RRP plus 20% per product.

This offer cannot be used with any other promotional offer or coupon, and is subject to the Terms of Use.


Tahreem about 6 hours ago


No other brand can beat cerelac

Joanne about 7 hours ago


No idea about this product, i got as it was free and put it in the food bank collection.

Louise 1 day ago


Love this cereal, it smells delicious! so easy to make and you can make it as smooth as you need to for baby!

Michelle 1 day ago


I think this would be a great purchase for infants! i haven’t yet got to try it but i think it’ll be amazing! (especially for free) :)

Samantha 1 day ago


I cant issue a proper review as my child isnt old enough, but as a pro it will stay in date long enough. so far- after 5 children, i can say that the quantity is really good value for money. looking forward to seeing what this little thinks of it.

Jenab 3 days ago


This was really nice for my baby to try and he enjoyed it

Doli 4 days ago


I really like the cerelac brand i always purchase a tin

Alina 4 days ago


A deliciously flavoured baby cereal - well worth the money!

Shabana 4 days ago


Really great product with a flavour my baby enjoyed

Helena 4 days ago


Thanks for helping me make a donation to the food bank!

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