Carnation Caramel Drizzle Sauce 450g Bottle

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Carnation Caramel Drizzle Sauce 450g Bottle
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Ready-made caramel for easy baking

Available at Tesco, Sainsbury's & ASDA (in-store & online).

Find me in the baking aisle.

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Knickerbanoffee Glory Ice Cream Sundae

Ingredients to make 1 sundae (to share):

Carnation Caramel Drizzle - 2tbsp
Dark chocolate ice cream - 1 scoop
Vanilla ice cream -1 scoop
Peanut or caramel ice cream - 1 scoop
Caramelised biscuits, crushed 2
Light aerosol cream - 1tbsp
Fresh banana, sliced ½

You will also need: a tall sundae glass or tumbler and a long spoon



Drizzle half or the Carnation Caramel Drizzle inside the sundae glass or tall tumbler.


Layer up the remaining ingredients, topping with a squirt of cream, a slice of banana and a finishing drizzle of caramel sauce.

For extra indulgence finish with a scattering of grated chocolate or add a ice-cream biscuit to dunk!

Pour the chocolate caramel mix over the crushed shredded
wheat and pretzels and gently mix everything together.

Using a large spoon or ice-cream scoop, scoop the mix on to the lined baking tray. Using the back of the ice cream scoop or
the back of a spoon, gently push a dent into the nests and place two chocolate eggs in to it.

You can also scoop the mix into cupcake cases. Serves 15, Prep time 10 mins, Chill 1 hour

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Lucy 1 day ago

Delicious treat on pancakes and berries

Nicole 1 day ago

This sauce is delicious!! so nice on ice cream

Zsanett 1 day ago

I usually buy the plain one. i haven't realised how good is the caramel one until now!

Susan 2 days ago

Great on top of ice cream and pancakes

Lucy 3 days ago

I added this to both my hot and iced coffee omg it is beautiful

Erica 3 days ago

Brilliant, easy to use, no hassle at all. would buy again

Kristin 8 days ago

Very tasty! i've had it with ice cream, yoghurt, in my coffee's and hot chocolates, added to my milkshake and with waffles! it's really very good!

Annabelle 9 days ago

I love this and would like to see more in the future

Denise 9 days ago

Lovely flavour not too sweet drizzled some over my ice cream

Andy 9 days ago

Really enjoyed it on my pancakes