Strawberry 3x90g
Strawberry 3x90g
Peach 3x90g
Peach 3x90g
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Arla Explorers Kids

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Shirley about 22 hours ago

I didn't know this was for kids. but its delicious. i love the little bursting balls. i will buy them again.

Verity about 21 hours ago

I didn’t like them but my 7 year old thought they were really good.

Mike about 19 hours ago

Decent yoghurt with juicy bits of fruit in it

Helen about 18 hours ago

Totally awesome ! my grandaughter is 3 and simply loves bubble tea. when i bought this i never realised it would have the same fuit pearls in them. i thought it was going to be more like an aero bubble. great surprise and zap all were eaten by the whole family. an adult variety with juicy fruit pearls would be great !!

Priyanka about 17 hours ago

Bought it for my niece and she didn’t like it

Kay about 11 hours ago

Didn’t buy for a child but imagine would go down well. i enjoyed it personally and not too sweet

Arran about 8 hours ago

Not as rich flavour as expected

Melanie about 7 hours ago

We enjoyed it. it wasn't sugary sweet like most kids' yoghurts - this could put some children off, but my son is used to ltitle yeos which are not too sweet. he thought the bubbles were 'weird', but, yes, he'd happily have them again.

Ritu about 4 hours ago

Kids love the bubbles popping in mouth and asked for more force

Holly about 4 hours ago

Both children loved them and have asked me to buy again.

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