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Offer available at Tesco's & Sainsbury's ONLY (in-store & online).


Alpro Barista 750ml

Alpro Barista Oat 750ml

Alpro Barista Coconut 750ml

Alpro Barista Almond 750ml

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Alpro Barista 750ml

Alpro Barista Oat 750ml
Alpro Barista Coconut 750ml
Alpro Barista Almond 750ml
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It’s fabulously foamable

Offer available at Tesco's & Sainsbury's ONLY (in-store & online).

Find me in the fresh milk aisle.

Please Note

Offer available at Tesco's & Sainsbury's ONLY (in-store & online).

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- Alpro Coconut Barista 750ml (£1.75)
- Alpro Barista Almond 750ml (£1.75)

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However you take it – frothy cappuccino or flat white, piping hot or poured over ice – it’ll make an everyday cup of coffee extra special. Because lovely as milk might be, isn’t it great to have more choices? It’s fabulously foamable, so be your own barista, go with the flow and get creative! All important question, can you do the cool pattern on the top. Absolutely! Totally plant-based, it’s naturally perfect for a vegan diet. But why should vegans have all the fun? Anyone can enjoy a little plant-based deliciousness in their coffee, vegan or not, we say!

Suitable for vegetarians
Suitable for vegans
Dairy Free

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Lisa about 12 hours ago

Do like a plant based milk in my porridge getting used to it in my coffee

Tina about 17 hours ago

I'm disappointed with the amount of ingredients

Jill about 17 hours ago

Lovely creamy and added another dimension to my cereal and coffee

David 3 days ago

According to my grandson this is yummy. who am i to argue. helps his dairy intolerance greatly

Veena 4 days ago

Fantastic offer. i would only purchase whilst on offer though as alpro comes in pricey

Magdalena 4 days ago

Very nice, great alternative for milk, perfect for coffee.

Michelle 4 days ago

I buy this as an alternative to diary milk. has a creamy taste and goes well with museli based cereals. also goes well in coffees.

Claire 5 days ago

I used this in my porridge and enjoyed the taste

Ilona 6 days ago

The state and calories contend were great

Laura 7 days ago

Delicious and worked really well in the frother. made a great cappuccino

Alpro Barista 750ml